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Tech Riders - For Eternity
C30 (Nijmegen, Netherlands / Stavanger, Norway)

Side A:
-Centre of Eternity
-From Her to Eternity
-The First The Last Eternity

Side B:
-There is No Chance in Eternity
-Eternal Flame
-From Eternity With Love


Tech Riders is Frans De Waard & Sindre Bjerga
Recorded at Worm, Rotterdam, The Netherlands,
February 26th-27th, 2019.
Mastered by Claus Poulsen.

(Vital Weekly) There is a point halfway through the first side of ‘For Eternity’ where you sit up and take notice. Of course, this might be different for everyone, and for me, it isn’t always the same exact sport, but about the four-minute mark something happens, and I’m drawn in. It starts as the static grows but peeking out from under its girth is this delicate melody that skits around momentary before being swamped by a load of noise and confusion. This melody would be a blink and you miss it cameo by your favourite actor in an unexpected film, but it makes you sit up and pay attention. Will it come back? Will you notice it if it does? Whether it does or doesn’t is immaterial. The damage has been done. You have been drawn into this murky world. ‘The First The Last Eternity’ features a section where bird being to sing. This is the highwater mark of the album. As the birdsongs grow more frequent the music is at its most abrasive and obtuse. What the birds do it give you something tangible to latch onto. They allow you to become unfocused on the glorious drones and pay attention to something familiar. It’s this familiarity that really hammers home the track. It also grounds it in reality. We have all heard birds singing. We know what it sounds like. We have also heard birds singing while the surface noise of life takes place. This is the moment that that ‘For Eternity’ really gets you onside. If you weren’t already on board by this point you are now. While listening to ‘For Eternity’ I am reminded of Carl Crack’s flawless debut solo album ‘Black Ark’. That album was a paranoid, dubby, concrete, claustrophobic affair filled with brutalist beats. At times it was too unrelenting and impregnable. ‘For Eternity’ feels like what ‘Black Ark’ would sound like if you removed all the beats and basslines. You’d be left with these twitching and writhing soundscapes. Of course, the two albums have nothing in common and by mentioning Crack’s work I am doing a disservice to Tech Riders. This isn’t about him. It’s about Sindre Bjerga and Frans de Waard’s intricate soundscapes. When ‘For Eternity’ ends there is a moment of brief reflective contemplation. You are aware that you have listened to something singular. Something that feels timeless and also contemporary. It also makes you question eternity. If this is what eternity sounds, and feels like, I’m pretty happy with that. - Nick Roseblade

(Bad Alchemy) Bei For Eternity (eh?113, C-30 in Blau) sitzen Frans De Waard & Sindre Bjerga im Februar 2019 im Rotterdamer Worm und angeln nach dem Leviathan. Der eine aus Nijmegen, der andere aus Stavanger, fischen schon eine ganze Weile als TECH RIDERS im Ocean of Sound, selbst wenn's ihnen in die Suppe hagelt oder ein Hubschrauber die Anglerruhe stört. In der Hoffnung, dass eine kleine Melodie anbeißt, die einem ja nicht zufliegt, wenn man kein Vogel ist. Was sie jedoch herausziehen aus trübem Wasser, sind Schlingpflanzen, ein alter Schuh und verrauschte Tonbänder, mit Stimmfetzen, Gewisper, surrig brodeln­dem Noise. Ein Fußgänger streift vorbei, drumrum markieren Vögel lauthals ihr Revier. Die Bänder sind zerknittert, die Stimmen verzerrt, durch Fast Forward zu Dünnpfiff verhuscht, ruckartig zerblitzt, ins Paranormale und Xenophone überdreht, und zudem pläddert auch noch Regen. Doch zu den Wummer- und Dröhnwellen, zu der zu fernem Turmuhrschlag sirrenden Tonspur, glimmt immer noch das ewige Licht am bemoosten Denkmal der Tape- und Sound Art, an dem Bjerga & De Waard mit pochenden Herzen ihre Blumen hinlegen - "From Eternity With Love". - Rigo Dittmann

(Sound Projector) For Eternity (EH? 113) is by Tech Riders, a team-up of Frans de Waard and Sindre Bjerga. While we’ve enjoyed separate individual exploits by these prolific sound-makers (I am particularly partial to Bjerga’s juicy, unkempt approach to sound manipulation and tape mangling), this is the first time we heard them together. I see there’s some back catalogue to catch up on though, as they’ve been making records since 2016 for Gold Soundz and other labels. Indeed it was in year 2016 when they first toured Germany and Holland together, and decided to form a duo. The decision was made – and it’s probably a very good one – that the world already has more than enough noise-improvisation rattler types operating in the splurgy free mode, and instead of all that spontaneity what’s needed is more structure. Accordingly, the six pieces on For Eternity should be regarded as “songs”, which can only be realised after a certain amount of planning and rehearsing. Admittedly, this strategy might not be immediately obvious after a first cursory listen to these bizarre abstract episodes, but if one listens into the teeming masses of sound then one can glimpse the wiry framework poking out from beneath masses of wet plaster and scrim. Aye, there’s a certain amount of consideration and discipline evident in the arrangement of these very strange voices, sounds, loops, drones and buzzerments, and woe betide the ignoramus who dares label it mere chaos. Interestingly, this particular set appears to have had its roots in the creation of a radio play which they did at Rotterdam (at the Worm studio, where else) in 2019. They had some time left over at the studio, so the engineer was sent out to buy more magnetic tape to that the two loopsters could continue their intense, coffee-fuelled bout with the microphones and tape devices. I mention this because, with a little imagination and the help of a glass of lemonade laced with hallucinogenic drugs, you might be able to perceive For Eternity as the soundtrack to a very strange radio drama. The fragments of voice elements, however distorted and disrupted they may be, help considerably; all you need do is supply your own characters and story-line. - Ed Pinsent

(Kathodik) Tech Riders son duo composto dall’olandese Frans De Waard (Kapotte Muziek, fondatore di Korm Plastics, per un tot di anni in Staalplaat e tanta feroce/sublime/attenta scrittura nel suo magazine online ‘Vital Weekly’) e il norvegese Sindre Bjerga (sua la label Gold Soundz). I due in occasione di un tour fra Germania e Olanda decidono di non dedicarsi all’ammasso impro e strutturano i materiali in forma più definita. “For Eternity” vaga in una cupa quiete spettrale, spinta sui toni bassi, lisergicamente sospesa (Eternal Flame), per poi aprirsi dal silenzio alla luce di un sublime, ronzante volo (From Eternity With Love). Brucia tanto. - Marco Carcasi

(Chain DLK) Tech Riders is a collaboration between Norwegian artist Sindre Bjerga (Norway) and everyone’s favorite Dutchman, Frans de Waard. This tape came out of recording sessions during a 2019 residency at the Worm studio in Rotterdam. I was familiar with both of these artists’ work, so I was interested to hear what the sum of their parts would turn into. Let’s dive into eternity and see what it sounds like. “Centre of Eternity” kicks it off with electronics and what sounds like water running into a metal sink. Was it any surprise that we would head right into field recording and musique concrete territory? “From Her to Eternity” is a staticy, grinding, and hissing track with some bass tones; this kind of reminds me of some of TAGC's work. “The First The Last Eternity” is the longest track, with warbling noises over snippets of voice, tape hiss, line noise, and animal noises. This is what the aliens are listening to when they intercept our radio signals. We flip the tape over and we are met with “There is No Choice in Eternity.” I’m not sure how to describe it, but a lot of things happening here. Heavy reverb and manipulated voice with the ever-present hiss and shortwave squalls. For me, this was the standout track on the tape. “Eternal Flame” is a track of heavy drone with a simple melody running under it that reminded me of Arcane Device. “From Eternity With Love” closes it off with more electronics and rumbling which gives way to a thudding beat and sawtooth drone. Not really my cup of tea though. There is a remarkable sense of continuity here that keeps everything moving and engaging. Overall, this is interesting and a fun ride, as expected of these heavyweights. Well worth checking out for fans of either (or both) of these artists. - Eskaton

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