[eh?109]Seeded Plain
Flying Falling
The Furies Inside Me OST
[eh?107]Jaap Blonk
Joyous Junctures
[eh?106]Sindre Bjerga
Hesitation Marks
[eh?105]Patrick Shiroishi / Arturo Ibarra
LA Blues
Atomnye Deti
[eh?103]Seeded Plain
Buffets Close Suddenly
[eh?102]Tania Chen & Jon Leidecker
Live In Japan
[eh?101]Cookie Tongue
Orphan Arms
monument 36
[eh?99]Bill Brovold
Misty Nights
[eh?97]L. Eugene Methe and Megan Siebe
Revisited, Revisited, Revisited
[eh?96]Felipe Araya
[eh?95]Eoin Callery
[eh?93]Bad Jazz
[eh?92]Ernesto Diaz-Infante
My Benign Swords
[eh?91]Larnie Fox
In The Cathedral of Airplanes
[eh?90]Tom Djll
[eh?89]Leonard * Day * Jerman
[eh?88]Das Torpedoes
Qu Nar
[eh?87]Ben Bennett & John Collins McCormick
[eh?86]Daniel Wyche
Our Severed Sleep
[eh?85]Seeded Plain
Spill Containment
[eh?84]Bad Jazz
Bad Dreams In The Night
[eh?83]Chefkirk & Andrew Quitter
Kaiju Manifestos
[eh?82]Venison Whirled
[eh?81]Gary Rouzer
Studies and Observations of Domestic Shrubbery
[eh?80]Unrepeatable Quartet
Edmonton 2012
[eh?79]Stefan Roigk
[eh?78]Lucky Bone
[eh?77]Jeffrey Alexander
No Sacred Snow, No Sacred Show
[eh?76]Bruno Duplant / Pedro Chambel / Fergus Kelly
(Winter Pale) Red Sun
[eh?74]Graves / Kreimer / Wilsey / Bachmann
The July Amalgam
[eh?73]Sky Thing
Virgin Journalist
[eh?72]Cactus Truck
Live in USA
[eh?71]Various Artists
Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup
[eh?70]Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Park Seungjun and Jin Sangtae
Live at Dotolim
[eh?69]Edward Ricart & Tim Daisy
Yiu Ja Ley
[eh?68]Chagas And Schafer
Gesture To The Declining Sun
Plasma Clusters
[eh?66]Jeff Kaiser / Nicolas Deyoe
Chimney Liquor
[eh?65]Close Embrace of the Earth
At the Spirits Rejoice Festival
[eh?64]Jean-Marc Montera & Francesco Calandrino
Idi Di Marzo
[eh?63]Un Nu
[eh?62]Bailly / Millevoi / Moffett
Strange Falls
[eh?61]Jacob Felix Heule & Bryce Beverlin II
Space Sickness
Mud Layer Cake
[eh?58]Strongly Imploded
Twilight of Broken Machines
we must leave the warren
Moist Areas
[eh?55]Eloine & Sabrina Siegel
Nature's Recomposition 33
Any Port In A Storm
[eh?53]Eckhard Gerdes
!Evil Scuff Mud
[eh?52]Psychotic Quartet
[eh?51]Federico Barabino
Can You Listen To the Silence Between the Notes?
The Fruit Witch of Ancient Salamander
[eh?48]Ember Schrag
Jephthah's Daughter
[eh?47]Massimo Falascone / Bob Marsh
Non Troppo Lontano
[eh?46]Delplanque / Oldman
Chapelle de l'Oratoire
[eh?45]The Epicureans
A Riddle Within a Conundrum Within a Game
[eh?44]Croatan Ensemble
[eh?43]Man's Last Great Invention
[eh?42]Sad Sailor
Link to the Outside World
[eh?41]Ricardo Arias / Miguel Frasconi / Keiko Uenishi
[eh?40]Andreas Brandal
This Is Not For You
[eh?39]Gamma Goat
Beard of Sound, Beard of Sand
[eh?38]John Dikeman / Jon Barrios / Toshi Makihara
We Need You
[eh?37]David Moscovich
Ass Lunch
Four Plus One
I Manage To Get Out by a Secret Door
Dirty Realism
[eh?33]Jesse Krakow
World Without Nachos
Wave the Old Wave
[eh?30]Bryan Day
Four Televisions
Hear Here
Yama Labam A
[eh?27]Shelf Life
[eh?26]Papier Mache
[eh?25]Papier Mache

Jaap Blonk - Joyous Junctures
C60 (Netherlands)

Side A:
Onto Wobbly Ways / Hills High Enough / Sizzling Secrets / Little Music Box / Morning Ghosts / Squares Be Gone / Longing / All We Know / Ends Well / Rough Ride / Hidden Skirmishes / Muted Soliloquy / Debate Rising / Siren Song Emerging

Side B:
Dream Days / Storm But Brief / Agreeable Argument / The Outside World / Bicycling / Right On Ringing / Time To Lounge / Go On On Go / Summer Solstice Song / Illiterate Interlocutions / Memories / On Silence / Sane Survival

All Compositions by Jaap Blonk

(Lost In a Sea Of Sound) When receiving music from both Public Eyesore and Eh?, there is always some trepidation to the sounds these releases will hold. One aspect centering around this thought is how talented the artists are and the tenure they have had. For this release titled Joyous Junctures, Jaap Blonk has gone far away and survived with labor and skills from his own measures. Stunningly these creations are more than just subsistence in a perplexingly world, more like vignettes of a completely alien aspect. Each creation held with reverence by a stream consciousness current planetary vibrations do not resonate at. Yes, sounds from a dimension only a select few understand, now here with hopefulness of connecting with those willing to venture into the thresholds. Joyous Junctures is uplifting, challenging, curious and just plain amazing. Voice, electronics, samples mixed with an onslaught of experience and creativity, these are words feebly describing sounds in the nether reaches of descriptions. Think of a one person Haka that simultaneously delights and sends shivers of fear from lack of understanding. Computer generated voices in rearranged patterns, mimicking the English language with indecipherable twists. Jaap Blonk a soothsayer with a ghastly timber forewarning of the Ides of March. There are many tracks denoted on the cassette fold out card, but when listening, these selections seamlessly transition together. Concentration with intent of trying to comprehend is like hearing successive fractal patterns. The details are products of the entirety, thoughts are lost in the depths or reaches depending on each listeners perspective. These words are from an outsider trying to describe a direction someone has been traveling for a good length of time. Two paragraphs can not encapsulate this composition, but hopefully they will catch a flickering aural glimpse. As mentioned in the opening sentence, this is a release on the eh? label. Copies are available from the eh? website here. Also explore Jaap Blonk's extensive bandcamp page here. - Robot Rattle

(Vital Weekly) On a strictly personal level I can see some relationship between Jaap Blonk and Sindre Bjerga. I saw both of them play concerts on numerous occasions; in recent years hardly from Blonk and lot more from Bjerga. They are both tireless performers. In the case of Bjerga that leads to a lot of releases, taping every concert and finding labels to release (a selection at least) these. Blonk, on the other hand, is someone whose music has a broader range, from solo improvisations with the voice to heavily computer treated studies. His releases might not always (or rather: rarely) be derived from concerts. Still speaking on a personal level, I think both gentlemen deal with a form of sound poetry. In the case of Blonk clearly when he is using his mouth to generate sound, in Bjerga's case a bit more covered up. He uses various means, in which pre-recorded tapes with spoken word (perhaps found sound; maybe not) are played on an old Walkman and Dictaphones, something feeding the sound down a metal pipe to alter the sound. On his 'Hesitation Marks' cassette, he has a live recording from The Hague and Berlin, both within the space of one month in 2017. Both pieces are quite different. The one from The Hague is all about garbling up voice tape, along with contact microphone abuse on rough surfaces, sometimes leaping towards a bit of feedback, which he keeps well under control. In Berlin, the circumstances might have been a bit different as Bjerga stumbled upon feedback, metallic percussion in a non-rhythmical manner and it all sounds mildly more aggressive than what heard on the other side. It culminates in a dirty drone excursion that lasts some eight minutes and it takes his voice poetry to the most abstract level. Sindre Bjerga does what he does best and he does a great job at that. Jaap Blonk is a bit older than Bjerga and has been going since the late 80s with a wide range of musical interests, all of which involve his mouth, producing sounds and words (or vice versa). Sometimes harking back to the early days of Dada, improvising with other musicians, going all computer; anything goes, it seems for him, and this tape is a wild ride along many of these interests. Even when there are no other players listed here, it sounds at times like there are instruments at work here, but everything and that is really everything, went into the computer here and along the lines, various bits and bobs of software are transformed. Maybe live, on the spot? That was at least the impression I got from this cassette. Blonk uses words, voices, gestures of/by the mouth, singing, humming, moaning, sighing or whatever else, and then feeds it into the computer where it slides up, pitches down, stretches, compresses, bend and shaped with granular synthesis. All of these tracks are quite short and to the point, and somehow one fades into the next, even when they all have individual titles. Along with all this voice stuff, there is also the sound of the piano, percussion or strings. I have no idea how these fit into the picture; where do they come from? Are people playing these instruments along with Blonk (but why no mentioning of them on the cover?) or maybe these are midi-controlled instruments that Blonk has full control over as he plays them along with using his voice and controlling the software to process that voice material? Hard to say yet it does make up some fascinating listening. It is very poetic but with these occasional musical instruments also crazy, slightly messed up form of improvised music, that also goes out to the world of electro-acoustic music. It's a one-hour wild ride and it is great to see a new sign of life for mister Blonk; happy as always we this happens! - Frans De Waard

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