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[pe66]Baker / Baker / Bloor
Terza Rima

Inu Yaroh - Takede from Nostradums Live

-the end of jazz
-inu yaroh no5
-sax battle
-one stroke two beat
-sonic love
-18 strings god
-guitar noize
-apoc 99

Inu Yaroh: Bando, Do-It, Hirai, Matsuda, Tauchi, Kanai, Guy, Shimizu

(Dead Angel no.48)AAAIEEEE! Death-defying bushido jazz, watch out! Inu-Yaroh are clearly honing their mad science as one of the most unusual combos around, Japanese freejazz improvisationists working with traditional instruments and not-so-traditional instruments, like a traditional freejazz combo playing in tandem with a noise posse. They open with "The End of Jazz Virus," which is just deranged -- a crashing, harrowing burst of mad shouting and making of much noise over a seemingly oblivious combo improvising "loosely" (to say the least). Imagine noise hooligans breaking into a jazz session and kicking everything around and making weird electronic sounds as the band plays on, sort of like the Boredoms crashing a Mingus session or something. "Sax Battle: One Stroke Two Beat" comes across like a really alarming cross between experimental guitar and pure frothing death metal, whereas "Sonic Love" is more in the vein of free jazz enshrouded in a cloud of psychedelic electronica. The death metal vs. defenders of free jazz battle resurfaces in "18 Strings God," which sounds far more evil than anything you'd normally expect from freejazz, and "Guitar Noize -- Apok 99" builds from guitar static and trilling sax to a swirling vortex of unpredictable white noise and shouting before dying back down into droning sax and the occasional burst of sound, then it winds back up again into noise and chaos and pure rumbling bushido fury. Not for the faint of heart, to be sure... - RKF

(Improvijazzation Nation no. 61) I wouldn't wish this nightmarish screaming match on my enemies... on th' other hand, this definitely is improvised & spontaneous; so, if you can deal with a bit of pain in yer' ears, you may find something of merit here. Th' vocalist is a highest prominence, with th' reeds & percussives comin' right in behind, on this total assualt on your mind... I've been in (a few) sessions where anger was th' key ingredient projected, & while it serves as a release for th' players, it doesn't do a lot for th' listener, unless they've been skagged out for about 3 months. Then again, if you dig defiance, & total lack of convention, this will be th' TICKET for ya'. For fans of early W.O.O. recordings, I'd give this one a RECOMMENDED... all others beware! - Rotcod Zzaj

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