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Percussionist/composer Mike Pride was born and raised in the Portland, Maine area. He has been playing & composing music since he was a child.

While living in Maine, Mike studied with Les Harris, Jr., Bill Street and Matt Wilson, performed with legendary composer & jazz educator David Baker, & produced experimental, shock-rockers Ned Muffleburger & the DSL's.

Mike moved to New York City in the year 2000 where he studied briefly with drum & bass master, Amir Ziv. Mike then began studying with the legendary percussionist/healer/teacher, Professor, Milford Graves.

Since his move to NYC, Mike has performed and recorded throughout the U.S. and North America, Europe, Asia, & Australia with many wonderful musicians including:
Aarktica, Boredoms, Karen Borca, Tyondai Braxton, Anthony Braxton, Califone, Daniel Carter, Eugene Chadbourne, Nels Cline, Andrew d'Angelo, Jim Denley, Trevor Dunn, Brandon Evans, Ken Filiano, Michael Formanek, Chris Forsyth, Marc Gartman (of Low), Milford Graves, Curtis Hasselbring, Mark Helias, Fred Hess, Bill Horist, Vijay Iyer, Haino Keiji's FUSHITSUSHA, George Lewis, Frank Lowe, Mat Maneri, punk-rock legends MDC (Millions Of Dead Cops), Tony Malaby, Bill McHenry, Sam Mickens, Butch Morris, Joe Morris, Pale Horse & Rider, William Parker, Matana Roberts, Perry Robinson, Jamie Saft, Sonny Simmons, Chris Speed, Trey Spruance, Steve Swell, Craig Wedren, Matthew Welch, Nate Wooley, Jack Wright, Otomo Yoshihide & John Zorn.

Since his move in 2000, Mike Pride has been featured on over 40 recordings, many which he is a leader, co-leader or composer.

Mike has been part of many festivals including:
Bay Chamber Concert Series 1998 (Rockport, Maine), Block Island Music Fest 2002 (Rhode Island), CMJ Music Festival 2002, 2005 (NYC), Improvised & Otherwise 2002-2004 (Brooklyn), Now Now Jazz Festival 2003 (Sydney, Australia), Vision Festival 2003 (NYC), Spring Scream 2003-2006 (Kentig, Taiwan), Shi Mo Tsu Ki 2003 (Brooklyn), Bud Fest 2003 (Prague), North By Northeast 2003 (Toronto), K-Town Festival 2003 (Copenhagen), Holidays In The Sun 2003, 2004 (UK), Angry Fish Music Festival 2004 (Windham, Maine), Future Of Experimental Rock Festival 2005 (NYC) & Dumbo Arts Festival 2005 (Brooklyn), Foo Fest 2006 (Providence, Rhode Island), Frequencies 2007 (NYC), Live Sh*t 2007 (Queens), Spring Reverb 2007 (San Diego), Stoner/Doom Fest 2007 (Portland, Maine), Kitchen Block Party 2007 (NYC) among many others.

Mike has also composed music for the MTV Production "Room Raiders", video games, radio jingles and independant film scores....

Mike also currently runs FUNHOLE live RECORDING in Brooklyn, NY, and is an active painter/visual artist/designer.
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