[pe65]Sotto Voce
[pe63]Luv Rokambo
Do The Glimpse
[pe62]Bad Girls
Unauthorized Recordings
[pe61]Ayami Yo-ko
[pe59]Mason Jones
The Crystalline World of Memory
Original Punk Super Stars
[pe57]Emergency String Quintet
On The Corner (Market and Sixth)
[pe56]Old Bombs / Wolf Eyes
[pe55]Silt Fish
[pe54]A Tomato a Day
Nothing Special
This Way to Escape
[pe52]Aidan Baker
I Fall Into You
[pe51]Yoko Sato
Searching For My Recording Engineer
[pe50]Inu Yaroh
The Next Door Will Be Opened
[pe49]Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Bob Marsh
Rags and Stones
[pe47]Luv Rokambo
[pe46]Falafel Avantgarde
[pe45]Rob DeNunzio
Window Music
A Clamor Half Heard
[pe43]Ultra Fuckers
Beyond the Fuckless
[pe42]XV Parowek
Periodical Embarrassment
[pe41]Yu Nishibori & Landon Thorpe
Muno Radiation
Private Idioms
[pe39]Electric Kitten Vomit
The Avant-Garde Revolts
The Blooming of One Hundred Shotguns
[pe37]Jorge Castro
Sin Titulo #2
[pe36]Matt Silcock
[pe35]Shigehiko Matsui
D-Less-CAR,D-En (IN Between +&-)
[pe34]Khoury / Shearer / Hall
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360 Sound - A Scratch on the Surface

-clearing the dust
-the ninth pawn shop (pt. one)
-is there a splash of hope in a river of sadness
-i know
-polish it (pt. two)
-a dream
-a new world view
-fixed eye
-back to work we go

360 Sound: Shawn Kerby & Brian Noring

(Dead Angel no.47) Rhythmic chunks of devolved free jazz from Shawn Kerby and Brian Noring. I have no idea what instruments they're playing (some kind of horn and, um, other stuff), but the sound brings to mind bebop musicians stretching out on stage in a forgotten bar late at night when the only people left are drunks too pixelated to care about the strange sounds radiating from the stage. This disc isn't as noisy as many PE releases -- in fact, it rarely strays from pure improv territory -- and some of the songs such as "Is There a Splash of Hope in a River of Sadness" actually approach being soothing. This sounds more like an undiscovered beat record from the sixties than anything "modern." Even more startling, "I Know" features the first vocal I've heard yet on a PE release (at least, the first thing recognizable as actual singing, anyway). The vocal element appears on a couple of other songs, often in hair-raising fashion. Some of this makes me think of Eugene Chadbourne, maybe even Gerald Hawk. Devolved beat jazz crossed with neo-primitivism? Whatever it is, it's strange and exotic stuff. -RKF
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