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Naoaki Miyamoto - Live at 20000V

Side A:
-part 1
Side B:
-part 2

Recorded 7-30-2000

(The Wire no. 212) Tokyo Based Guitarist [Naoaki Miyamoto] has some connection with the Acid Mothers Temple crowd, but sleuthing has turned up very little solid information. As the title says, Live at 20000V #1(Public Eyesore 23 7") was recorded live and features prettily dizzying waves of solo guitar rake with occasional vocal gurgles. Filed near to the early work of Keiji Haino, it will not collapse under the heavy mantle of brotherhood. - Byron Coley

(Blastitude no. 9) I've liked every single thing I've heard from Public Eyesore, but outside of the Analogous Indirect compilation LP and the Khoury/Shearer/Hall CD-R, this Naoaki Miyamoto 7-inch might be my single favorite release on the label. It's nothing fancy, just one-person solo destructo guitar noise the way it should be done, an 8 or 10 minute live performance split onto two sides of a seven-inch. Begins with and continues to make great use of good old fashioned long-held high screeching single notes of feedback, though more low-end destructo-strategies are used as well. Even better than "Solo Guitar" by Terry Kath. - Matt Silcock

(Neo-Barbaric no.16) Fully motivated solo guitar noise, like living through the most turned up, reverbing, feedback filled sections of a blown out concert string fling. Its a pretty easy to deal with if you can survive the constant mood swings and crashing attitudes. It sings like only a guitar can, sometimes rivaling the human voice, usually in a class of its own. Hendrix this isn't, but I can see a family resemblance. Strong and emotive, not forced, just kind of happening. - CC

(Eld Rich Palmer no.10) With his guitar improvisation Naoaki Miyamoto is a better match for Keiji Haino' s type of things than for strict noise works his scene's partners stand for. "Live At 20000V" is Naoaki's very first official release featuring two cut-outs of his best performance of 2000.The lonely guitar sound, which is the main and the only element of the artist's music, reduces a liberty of action to minimum, so Naoaki does his best to derive the essentials - the organic sound of guitar filling the space seems as if it was being torn out of his bowels - modulated and alternated to gain a high amplitude, it is dripping with emotions and passion. In places the sonic stream is additionally distorted and combined with another sound, which almost takes a shape of a rock guitar lead. At this moment a thought occurred to my mind that if "Live At 20000V" was perpetrated by an European, then most of people would consider him as a frustrated guitarist who wants to react against a collective playing in a heavy metal group. However, taking into consideration where Naoaki Miyamoto comes from, it must be connected to meditation, or maybe am I wrong? Anyway, it is a good record! - Krzysztof Sadza

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