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Cornucopia / Musique:Motpol - 60 Years

-permanent war economy
-keeping a lid on things
-liberty and justice for some
-island in the sun
-vieques libre

Recorded 4-00 to 5-00

(Cranial Vulnus) jorge castro (cornucopia) and jonas lindgren (musique:motpol) cornucopia's "permanent war economy" starts off with 10 minutes of slow harsh noise, almost wall, and leads into what sounds like the second act. this segment is punctuated with moments of silence, higher tones, and some interesting new sounds. after a few minutes of this we're about half way through and a 3rd part seems to start with migrane inducing high frequencies drunkenly smashing into each other on a midnight run. eventually they fall over and start rolling around on the ground and then head over heels down a sludge covered hill. the remainder of this long track takes all of the elements from the first parts, adds to it, drops them all in and out, gives 'em the blender action, stop start, wait...slow now, lets quietly contemplate what is happening, and rip out the eyes, and fight and die. Musique:Motpol is up next starting with "keeping a lid on things" which strikes me as almost meditative. don't get me wrong though, this isn't a recording of gentle nature sounds. a wave of subdued static and feedback takes you off into strange thoughts while another rising set of layers grows into the monster in the story, ultimately falling to sleep...or passing into a coma near the end. "liberty and justice for some" introduces itself by limping in on some overdriven glitch noises accompanied by what sounds like sped up vocal tape loops before blasting off into some nice undulating harsh noise waves which keep building upon themselves. in the last quarter the bottom drops out and we hear in more detail several other elements of feedback, the source and seemingly some cranky found sound bits. "island in the sun" wastes no time. from the get it is a blast of dense wall noise. just minutes later this base is joined by several other noises and layers floating in and out which really adds to the dynamic feel of the piece. fantastic progression of this action until about the last minute or so when the 'harsh' fades a bit and very satisfyingly leads us to the end. "vieques libre" begins with ambient feedback, a sweet crawl phasing for the first half of the track. this evolves into a definite intensity in the second half eventually morphing into an emphasis on one heavy tone before it all ends. most of this material seems clearly to tell a story in the traditional sense. awesome stuff. - Lackthrow
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