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[pe16]Prototype Earthborne
Wiseman Flux Disintegration

Eric Cook - Asymptosy
CD-R (Ann Arbor, MI)

-steady state theory
-early academy
-my side your side my side

(Dead Angel) I was very impressed with this. It's hard to tell what he's using. Mr. Cook has an excellent grasp on using little pops and hisses well. This whole album is a swirling trip through broken electronic sound... occasional, dare I say 'ambient' bassy tones pop up now and then, but for the most part this is looping, crackly electronics. Glitchy to the core. - Dillon Tulk

(Indieville) Dark experimental soundscapes that are actually interesting to listen to, how about that? I'm creeped out and yet deeply mesmerized by Cook's ambient pitches, tones, beeps, and clicks. It's hard not to call this noise at times, but it's far from too abrasive - in fact it's probably as accessible as this music comes. In "Steady State Theory" you're taken through an evil underground factory, moving past foreign, mutant machinery. As you wander further the sounds echo and reverberate in the background as new ones appear on the horizon. "Early Academy," a live performance for University of Michigan radio station Ann Arbor, sounds like a trip through a telephone wire. Brief "My Side Your Side My Side" closes off the record with some nice dark tones. Asymptosy is a record's worth of great, dark, lovely experimental electronic sound... it should more than garner a look. - Matt Shimmer

(Ampersand Etcetera) Three tracks of electronic ambient instrumentals. The first Steady state theory is the longest and shifts through a wide variety of sounds/moods: starting glitchy abstract with deep bass, bloops, processed gongs; more gamey synths, edgier, harsher, spooky and abstract, opening space and possible processed voices in ebbing and flowing throughout, it maintains your interest through change rather than focus, variations that catch you. Early academy was recorded live and works more minimally clicks, tones, white noise, burbles the looping and changing is more obvious, almost like you can see the workings. But it is also more intimate and compelling in its straightforward way, reminding me of Matt Thomas. Finally My side your side my side is a short interaction of shimmering washes, deep woobles with an neat edge. The variation makes this an enjoyable and absorbing release. - Jeremy Keens

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