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Pizza Little Party
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Day Fills Night The Way I Walk / Furukizu
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The Joys and Rewards of Repetition
[pe16]Prototype Earthborne
Wiseman Flux Disintegration

sold out

The M.O.B Orchestral Assembly - Makin Whoopie With Ed Lymon

Side One:
-flipping bunnies
-the beefy aroma of a psychotic toaster
-horny underwater
-speedy motorcycle
Side Two:
-a-tisket a-tasket drink a case of motor oil
-dreamy love horse
-hey, why don't you get those whores out of our bathroom(and back on the streets where they belong)
-thrifty strippers

Recorded 5-99
M.O.B.O.A: Jezus Heirophant, Candyline Love Colossus


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