Marty Belcher
(Bloomington, IN)

Belcher / Bivins Double Quartet


Born in Gary, Indiana in 1953, Marty came of musical age in Indianapolis, listening to the “New thing” of Coltrane & company. Picking up the soprano in high school, he spent the next 25 years trying to make sense of it within the context of the European improv scene, contemporary classical and modern jazz. For the past 20 years he’s been playing with experimental musicians in a variety of areas—electro-acoustic improv with the Unstable Ensemble, Thrash rock with the Chicago band ROPE, electronica with Colloid, noise with (D)(B)(H), percussion with Guth, and all of the above with A-RADAR-A. Marty has expanded to sopranino, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones. He has recordings on the Family Vineyard label , Gilgongo, Passive Aggressive Records, Friends and Relatives and now Public Eyesore.
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