Jason Bivins
(Raleigh, NC)

Belcher / Bivins Double Quartet


Jason Bivins is from Washington, D.C. After playing in “rock” bands throughout high school and at Oberlin College (usually some amalgam of post-punk, metal, and prog), he went to graduate school at Indiana University, where he became active in free improvisation beginning in 1993. After playing in large ensembles, power trios, electroacoustic duos, and in solo performance, he formed the Jason Bivins Trio and, in 1999, Unstable Ensemble (which continues to exist and has recorded four albums). After moving to North Carolina in 2000 (where he teaches Religious Studies at North Carolina State University), Bivins began a long-standing association with percussionist Ian Davis, with whom he performs in a duo, in large ensembles (the defunct Micro-East Collective and the eNtet, units which performed with musicians like Dennis Gonzalez, Frank Gratkowski, and Chris Cutler, among others), and in the long-standing groups UE and the Impermanence Trio (with Richmond-based reeds player Jimmy Ghaphery). He has recently collaborated on a project with pianist Nobu Stowe, reedist Ross Bonadonna, and sound artist Lee Pembleton.
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