Brian Poloncic

A Tomato a Day


Formed in 1993 as a 4-track cassette release on Tip Top Records by Brian Poloncic (Omaha, NE). Now recording 6th album and for the first time with supporting musicians and a band for Public Eyesore Records. Also working on a 10" record for Grotto records recorded/produced by Alex McManus. A Tomato A Day rarely to never tours and plays sporadically in Omaha. Brian also co-founded Omaha's legendary noise ensemble Naturaliste and co-founded Omaha underground cult favorite PICKWICK. Brian Poloncic was diagnosed with schizophrenia shortly before the release of the first album in 1993. He purports he's been in mental hospitals in three states (NE, CO, KS). A Tomato A Day is said to bring the Omaha music scene full circle.
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