Scott Scholz



Scott Scholz is a polymath and semantic gymnast based in Lincoln, NE. He studied composition with Donald Keats and Lynn Baker at the University of Denver. He composes and performs music in a variety of idioms, and has started or played in many musical ensembles in Denver, Bloomington, Indiana, and Nebraska. He is interested in collaborations toward all kinds of adventurous music, with a primary focus on avant-rock, chamber music, and free improvisation. He is also active with and available for film/theater/commercial composition, and instruction in guitar/music theory and ear training/composition. Scott pursues writing (mostly fiction and art/social philosophy) in his increasingly-hypothetical “spare time.” If you live in the Eastern Nebraska area, Scott also hosts occasional semi-private art related events: surrealist game parties, art salons, etc. Please get in touch if you’re interested, and he’ll get you “in the loop.”
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