Collision Stories
(San Francisco)

Bryan Day
Jorge Bachmann
Mason Jones
Michael Gendreau


The four members of San Francisco's Collision Stories came together after having encountered each other over a number of years, crossing paths here and there as they wove their strands through the experimental, psychedelic, improvisational, electronics, and avant-garde scenes. Once they finally gathered and spent an evening engrossed in collective sound-making it was evident that their diverse backgrounds coalesced into something unique and intriguing. It's not easy to draw a line around the territory staked out by Collision Stories. The four-piece draws from a vast array of inspirations and makes use of an equally wide range of techniques, sound sources, mechanisms, and most importantly imagination. The recordings and live performances are in perpetual motion, shifting from moments of hovering drone to rhythmic interpolations and cosmic sorcery. Entirely improvised, the work shows deep listening and careful interplay that can move in moments from intense energy to wide-open drifting expanses. It's common for the listener to encounter baffling collisions of sonics that lack an obvious origin, and it's not unusual for the members to listen back and be unsure who did what, and how. The quartet is eternally restless, and no two works are the same as the quartet searches for the next moment of joyous sonic interlock. Inspiration can come from the location, an accident of wiring, the preceding artist's set, or a chance word while setting up. One member may randomly decide to bring an entirely new instrument one evening, or to string effects in reverse to see what happens. Coincidence and change are essential elements. All of the members have extensive resumes they bring to bear, as musicians, composers, visual artists, writers, and creators in general.

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