Hélène Breschand & Elliott Sharp
(Paris / NYC)

Elliott Sharp
Hélène Breschand


At a certain point in their longtime collaboration, Helene Breschand and Elliott Sharp realized that it was time to record an album. Holing up in Helene's studio in the XIIIth Arrondissement and subsisting on haricots verts, vin rouge, et cafe noir, they cobbled together songs old and new, roughly taking as inspiration works from Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg filtered through other pataphysical flotsam and jetsam of the 20th century to create a mix of neurotica, erotica, noise, grooves, virtuosity, crudity, and the spirit of play. They repaired to the esteemed Studio Poptones near Bastille, to track 11 songs with Jean-Charles Versari at the desk. Leaving the studio as dusk fell, a picture-perfect crepuscule, the title was revealed.

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PE139 - Chansons du Crépuscule
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