(Rome, Italy)

Amy Denio


OU is finally amongst us, the news has come. The egg said to be an ancient thing, of distant origins. Others are convinced that OU comes from the far future, like a signal for our generation. Spotted at the circus, in a jazz club, in line at a mall during Christmastime, singing and laughing with a group of pygmies, partaking in a Thai cooking class; a collective burning desire is to hear that egg wail on ukulele in a teeny tiny bedroom… OU has arrived, and waits with psychedelic calm to show all its contents, sound and motion. And who can forget the Great Speculation: the first hypothesis of the egg was it gave forth to new forms, the embryo of something unexpected, some kind of creature not filling any known categories. Furthermore, those smitten by dogma say that the egg’s contents are the origin of existence itself! OU is here, impassive to all this, still floating in its simple form, full of energy and ready for a deep conversation with all beings on this planet.

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PE132 - Scrambled!
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