Normal Love

Amnon Freidlin


++++Since forming in 2005, NORMAL LOVE has stood firmly in the zone between feral intensity and strategic rigor; bypassing existing standards and inhabiting a strobing black-lit world where apocalyptic decadence meets the iron fist of Draconian law. Members are currently based in Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

Taking cues from a number of influences, NL drew from the vast well of pioneering artists transcending the confines of no wave, industrial, contemporary composition, extreme metal, noise, outsider pop, oddball punk, musique concrète, and free improvisation. At times, Normal Love has even invoked the creative talents of a select few of their unsung contemporaries, challenging them to write compositions of immense depth and complexity for the band.

After a brief hiatus, as well as several alterations in personnel and instrumentation, the group’s heightened internal focus has both sharpened and unified their approach– distilling their efforts into a potently severe and aesthetically viscous gestalt (in regard to both sound as well as presentation). Their upcoming LP, Survival Tricks, is planned for release this Spring (on Public Eyesore/UgEXPLODE). Subsequent US and European tours will follow.

Public Eyesore Releases

PE117 - Survival Tricks
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