Ultra Fuckers

Izumi Headache
Kawai Kazuki
Tom Nagata


Ultra Fuckers was started in 1991 as the evolution of the Zeni Geva inspired home recording project GODKILL, with Kawai on drums & vocals and Izumi on guitar. UF drew their inspiration from style of Happy Flowers along with noise, junk and psychedelic music. Kawai start SCUM-NITE on Bears in 1992 featureing in the course of 11 years: Boredoms (Dendo-Ba, Inarian Tamasiiner Head, Yama's..), Super-Ball, Tsuyama-Atsushi (from Omoide Hatoba, Acid Mothers Temple), SOLMANIA, RUINS, Surfers Of Romantica, FAXED HEAD, Zip Code Rapists, 25 Suaves, Caroliner Rainbow, ENE, Monotract, Half Japanese and many others.

Public Eyesore Releases

PE43 - Beyond the Fuckless
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