Hiromi Unakami
Toru Kato
Yoshiro Yamauchi
Yukio Hasegawa


History of Angels: In 1978, formed as the blues band in Kokubunji, Tokyo. Became the punk style band, influenced by so-called "punk movement". Then, the band graduated the punk style, by the impact of James 'Blood' Ulmer's appearance on the scene. In 1983, knowing the limit of playing ability, and also Unakami moved to Nagoya, the band stopped their music.

Additional note by Onnyk: After Unakami moved, he formed the experimental theater group named "Ost Organ", and he has been very active to direct them in many performances, to write many critical articles, to edit some publications, to organize collective performances and talk shows, and to collaborate other theatrical groups. He is one of the very important opinion leaders in Japanese theater critic scene. The first time I saw him in 1989, I regarded him as the pure theatrical person. But he knew many contemporary music already. A few years passed, one of my friends who is also the old friend of Unakami sent me a cassette. It included the Angels' tracks, and it amazed me. Of course I liked it. Idid not know Unakami's musical works til then, and it became legendary since he stopped music for a long time.

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